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We are delighted to announce the 2nd Annual INCREDIBLE INDIA FEST on August 7, 2023, a celebration of the rich culture, diversity and traditions of India.  This festival promises to be a spectacular event that showcases the beauty, vibrancy and uniqueness of INDIA.
The INCREDIBLE INDIA FEST will feature cultural performances, vendors, live music, traditional singing and dance, a range of activities for kids and authentic food stalls.  Visitors will get a chance to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of India and experrience its diverse traditions firsthand.
The festival will take place at the WESTIN CALGARY AIRPORT from 12-6pm and we invite everyone to join us for a memorable experience.  The festival is FREE and open to people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.  We believe that the INCREDIBLE INDIA FEST will be an excellent opportunity to celebrate diversity and build bridges across cultures and communities.
So  mark your calendars for the INCREDIBLE INDIA FEST and get ready to be dazzled by the colours, sounds and flavours of INDIA.  We can't wait to see you there!
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It was a dream come true and years in the making when we premiered our first annual INCREDIBLE INDIA FEST on August 1, 2022 at the WESTIN CALGARY AIRPORT. Our community came together to celebrate traditional and contemporary South Asian music, dance, cuisine, arts & crafts. A huge thank you to our sponsors, vendors and guests for making it such a success. We'll see you next year! 
Here are some of the highligts from the event:
SPARQ PRODUCTIONS INC was proud to premier its 1st Annual
August 1, 2022
Calgary's largest ballroom of 16,000 sq feet of absolutely amazing space, at the prestigious WESTIN CALGARY AIRPORT, showcased some of the incredible beauty of 'INDIA' through its entertainment.
It was a one day festival and had, primarily, Southeast Asian vendor booths, dance, food, culture, arts, interactive sessions and fashion shows. There were 3 show sets throughout the day, to keep the guests entertained. The event celebrated both traditional and contemporary spheres of South Asian music, dance, film, theater. literature, poetry, cuisine, arts & crafts.
This FREE family friendly event was one of the city's most vibrant and eclectic festivals. 

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