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Let’s Talk About Mental Health with RAAGESHWARI LOOMBA

Let’s Talk About Mental Health with RAAGESHWARI LOOMBA

It is fair to say that in the last while,we have all been facing our fair share of mental health
problems. With the world changing in ways it never has before, many of us have been facing
unprecedented anxiety and depression. In a world that prioritizes working hard and showing
the good side of life on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it is not
uncommon to feel that if you are dealing with a mental illness, you are alone.
However, you might be surprised, and maybe even relieved to find out that you aren’t alone. In
fact, mental illness is extremely common, affecting one in four Canadians personally each year.
Furthermore, every single Canadian is affected indirectly by mental illness through a family
member, friend, or colleague.

Although mental health awareness has made leaps and bounds in the last few years, there is
still a lot of work to be done. Mental illness can and should be treated and talked about in the
same way that physical illness is. Why? Because mental illnesses such as anxiety and
depression can contribute to physical ailments such as over-tiredness, heart palpitations, and
migraines. Furthermore, productivity and quality of life are severely impacted by mental
illness, just as they are with physical illnesses. Promoting the idea that mental illness is
nothing to be ashamed of and that there is strength in showing your vulnerabilities is
something that can help individuals connect to one another and inspire each other to heal.
One of the initiatives of TH!NK – Act! Change! Inspire! is to give mental health advocates and
experts a platform to educate our community on the importance of discussing mental health
and managing mental illness.

This week, we had the honor of having Raageshwari Loomba
speak to us about mental health and wellness. In her speech, Raageshwari speaks about the
prevalence of mental illness in our society and how challenging it can be to speak out about it.
She takes us through a breathing technique, and teaches us how to remain grounded in the
present, because most of our negative thoughts live in the past, or the future.

Thank you, Raageshwari, for being our honoured TH!NKer of TH!NK – Act! Change! Inspire!
People like you are paving the way to make conversations about mental health the norm. If you
would like to check out Raageswari’s video and her breathing techniques, check it out below


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