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Keeping the ‘SPARQ’ Alive During COVID-19

Keeping the “SPARQ” Alive During Covid-19

With the global pandemic dramatically affecting all of our lives, people have had to learn how
to navigate this new world and come together in times of crisis. At SPARQ Productions, we
have been busy keeping people moving and the Bollywood spirit alive!! Here’s what Tania and
Vishal have been up to over the last year and a half.

#SPARQhandmoves Challenge
Keeping your hands clean has been more important than ever, so we might as well add some
fun to the process! We asked our Calgary community to come together and show off proper
handwashing techniques, Bollywood style. Staying safe has never been more fun! Check out
our dance here:

Calgary Moves
With all the stress surrounding the pandemic, Tania and Vishal have taken this opportunity to
add a little SPARQ your day! Calgary Moves is an opportunity to get your hips moving and feet
tapping with thirty minute live Bollywood Dance Classes to participate in with your loved ones.
Our Calgary Moves classes have helped people release all the stress from their day and let
loose with their families!  Check out this class covered by CTV:

For International Dance Day, Tania and Vishal created a #togetherapart video, to show how
dance can connect us even when we can’t be together physically. For this event, we asked
#teamSPARQ to dance to a song for 3-4 bars, and have the next member take up the dance
from the last move. The results were incredible! Check out the final video here:

NAACHO Bolly Fitness Sessions
With recreational centers and gyms shutting down left and right because of the pandemic, our
team at SPARQ Productions is working hard to keep people moving. We have been offering
online dance classes and workshops for schools and businesses alike!
Along with this, we have been running NAACHO Bolly Fitness Sessions, which are made for
anyone and everyone to get their bodies moving through dance! No previous dance experience
is required, learn more about these here:

SPARQ Loves Teachers!
During this pandemic, teachers have been at the front lines, ensuring our children get the
education and care they deserve in these uncertain times. SPARQ was honored to conduct an
online workshop for the Calgary Teachers Convention and several online workshops for schools to show our support.

A testimonial by a school teacher

So, What’s Next?

With the exciting prospect of the pandemic coming to an end, Tania and Vishal have many
plans to keep our SPARQ Community strong! Check out our Bolly in the Park summer sessions for kids and adults,running all summer long

Email our team at to sign up!

We are also planning to start our in-studio performance and pro team sessions for our 11th Annual ONE- A Dance Spectacle on June 18th, 2022 at the Jack Singer Hall (according to AHS guidelines and if permitted).Here is a beautiful testimonial by a guest who attended one of the editions of ONE – A Dance Spectacle.

Tania and Vishal are also proud sponsors of a documentary called UNVEIL ALBERTA by Arshad Chaudry.

Finally, we have begun our initiative called TH!NK- Act, Change, Inspire. The sole purpose of this is to focus on issues that have a profound impact on our community. This initiative seeks to connect people together, and motivate individuals to realize their limitless potential. Project TH!NK will be a collection of extraordinary messges shared by individuals from around the world.

Learn how you can get involved here:

Make sure to stick around to learn about these exciting events and stay in the loop about what is next for SPARQ! We can’t wait to get your energy going, feet moving, and smiles beaming!


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