Sonia is a music educator who creates programs for mothers-to-be and children under 10, to raise cognitive capacity, discover different kinds of music they can enjoy in their everyday life, and channel emotions via music. With around 20-30 interrupted years of dance experience, the mother of two is happily in her third year with Sparq's Performance Team.

In the fall of 2014, Sparq had the privilege of opening for Bollywood superstar Shreya Goshal at the Stampede Corral, and it just happened to be Sonia's birthday as well. She says it was such a blast with the crowd excited by the performance. So energizing, incredibily uplifting and empowering. And at the end of the performance, the team surprised her with some moustaches and a crown for some crazy photos. To Sonia, dance is feeling the music and moving the body. It is a way to express and channel emotions, to evacuate any stress or negative feelings, a way to escape from routine and take a journey in the musical world.

Watch for Sonia at the seventh annual performance of ONE - Power of World Dance, and other events throughout the city.

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