Sam has always admired Indian culture. She says her Dad spent a lot of time overseas and would bring back discs with Bollywood music videos for her. The Professional Team member has been with Sparq for the past seven years, and has been dancing in general for sixteen.

Sam mentions Bollywood is such a unique form of dance. She loves learning dance moves she would not learn in any other type of dance and immersing herself in another culture’s art form. Sam mentions her most memorable performance with the team was the 2014 One show. She felt very close with all of her teammates, Tania and Vishal that year, and was extremely proud of the dances they performed.

Her favourites also include the Holi Party and every Christmas party. Sam adds, Tania and Vishal are both amazing artists. They have dance running through their veins, and true talent that is rare. Their musicality allows them to create amazing dances that anyone should be proud to be a part of.

Watch for Sam at the seventh annual performance of ONE - Power of World Dance, and other events throughout the city.

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