Jill, also known as "Teacher Tuttle" within Sparq's Professional Team, loves the culture, colours and music of Bollywood dancing. She has been with the team for four years now and mentions at this point in her life, dance has become her most creative, active outlet.

An art teacher by day, she looks forward to dance rehearsal every weekend, and still gets excited and nervous for every single performance. Jill feels like she has found her dance style in Bollywood. The 2014 ONE show was her most memorable experience thus far as her entire family came from eastern Canada to watch her perform. Jill reflects she was heavily involved in musical theatre as a child, and her family was always front row centre of her performances. This was the first time they had seen her on stage in more than ten years, so it was very special to have them see something that has become an important part of who she is as an adult.

Watch for Jill at the seventh annual performance of ONE - Power of World Dance, and other events throughout the city.

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