Originally from Columbia, Astrid began dancing at five years old. She was a member of her school's dance team, which focused on traditional folk dances with many performances throughout the year.

At 13 years old, Astrid moved to Canada and immediately joined her junior high’s dance team. She has been with Sparq as a member of the Professional Team for the past eight years. In addition to Columbian dancing, she has dabbled in Caribbean, belly dancing, African, and a little bit of ballroom. Astrid works as a Land Administrator, who assists in the process of managing land assets for oil and gas and/or utility companies. When asked if she has a funny story about her group, she does mention that there are a few that were not so funny at the time, such as missing costume pieces, getting lost in a parking lot when needing to be onstage in minutes, and the many musical malfunctions during performances, but they all get a good laugh now.

Astrid says that she is just glad to have such a great group of people around her in those circumstances. Her team equally feels the same way about her, as she informally becomes the best helper during quick costume changes, pinning and adjustments.

Watch for Astrid at the seventh annual performance of ONE – Power of World Dance, and other events throughout the city.

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