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Making ‘SPARQs’ fly at the Magnificent 4 Indian Idols Concert

Making ‘SPARQs’ fly at the Magnificent 4 Indian Idols Concert Back in November 2021, the SPARQ team had the amazing opportunity to open for the Indian Idols show when they came to Calgary to celebrate music with the Magnificent 4 – Winner, Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Sayli Kamble and Mohammed Danish. This was the very […]

Bring a SPARQ to Your Wedding Celebrations!

At SPARQ Productions, we are proud to offer world-class, professional entertainment. Our performers are passionate about the art of dance and bring their bright energy and charisma to every performance. With SPARQ Productions, you can expect nothing less than artistic excellence. SPARQ Productions is experienced in providing an array of entertainment services in Calgary and […]

THiNKer Vanisha Breault Talks About Drug Abuse

Inspirational TH!NKER: Vanisha Breault on Drug Abuse Our SPARQ community was happy to hear from Vanisha Breault on the effects of drug abuseon family and friends, as well as how to handle and help those that are struggling. In her talk,Vanisha speaks about how her young daughter became badly addicted to very dangerous drugsas a […]

Let’s TH!NK About Racism: Adora Nwofor and Kathy Le

Let’s TH!NK About Racism: Adora Nwofor and Kathy Le As much as we would like to believe that racism and racist beliefs are a thing of the past, thetruth is that discriminatory acts, policies, and discussions surrounding race are still veryprevalent today. At SPARQ, we want to combat these discussions with nuanced ideas about howto […]

Keeping the ‘SPARQ’ Alive During COVID-19

Keeping the “SPARQ” Alive During Covid-19 With the global pandemic dramatically affecting all of our lives, people have had to learn howto navigate this new world and come together in times of crisis. At SPARQ Productions, wehave been busy keeping people moving and the Bollywood spirit alive!! Here’s what Tania andVishal have been up to […]

Let’s Talk About Mental Health with RAAGESHWARI LOOMBA

Let’s Talk About Mental Health with RAAGESHWARI LOOMBA It is fair to say that in the last while,we have all been facing our fair share of mental healthproblems. With the world changing in ways it never has before, many of us have been facingunprecedented anxiety and depression. In a world that prioritizes working hard and […]

Many become ONE in Annual Dance Extravaganza

by Louis Hobson

Calgary MOVES

With all the stress surrounding the Corona virus and families together at home, we would like to take this opportunity and add a little SPARQ(k) to your day!!! It’s so heartwarming to see people trying to help and support in some way or the other. We, on our part, would like to spend a little […]

By: Lisa On Social

By: Lisa On Social Met this wonderful lady at the Bollywood demo class at Vivo for Healthier Generations and so nice of her to blog about the class!! Thank you so much Lisa On Social  Read her Blog Pic by: Lisa On Social

Tania & Vish’s 10th Annual ONE – A DANCE SPECTACLE

Thank you so much Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes StandOUT Publications – Celebrating Canadians for the blogpost written by Kyra McDonald and Photograhed by Jeff McDonald of Jeff McDonald Photography