Sparq Productions

Bring a SPARQ to Your Wedding Celebrations!

At SPARQ Productions, we are proud to offer world-class, professional entertainment. Our performers are passionate about the art of dance and bring their bright energy and charisma to every performance. With SPARQ Productions, you can expect nothing less than artistic excellence.

SPARQ Productions is experienced in providing an array of entertainment services in Calgary and its surrounding areas. From professional dance choreography, to directing fashion shows and parties, our team guarantees success. Led by choreographers who found their roots in the Bollywood Film Industry, SPARQ dancers are sure to bring the excellence and excitement of films right to the dance floor. These dancers are here to inspire, uplift, and entertain!

Bollywood Wedding Entertainment

Create a lasting memory for your wedding day by choosing to bring Bollywood to the dance floor!

The SPARQ Productions team will work with you to create your dream wedding, personalized to your tastes. Choose from an array of performances, including glamorous and stunning performances, family and friend group dances, professional roving artists during cocktail hour, and more. To top it all off, our team will provide professional videography and photography to capture the special moment, and provide a DJ and sound services to wow your guests.

Why Choose SPARQ?

Our team is passionate about the art of dance and the joy that it can bring to a wide array of audiences. When you choose SPARQ dancers, you choose to experience a whole new level of entertainment and engagement. Whether it’s getting everyone up to dance, or cheering on the family as they perform for their loved ones, the SPARQ team is a sure way to get the party started!

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