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TH!NK – Act! Change! Inspire!

TH!NK – Act! Change! Inspire! Project TH!NK is an initiative by SPARQ PRODUCTIONS. Its sole purpose is to compel viewers to expand their minds and contemplate social worldwide issues/topics that have a profound impact on the community and have nothing to do with religion or politics. It seeks to build bridges between communities and connect […]

NAACHO – BOLLY fitness

Physical Health involves a daily exercise routine and what better way to get some exercise done while shimming and shaking those hips to some absolutely foot tapping Bollywood songs and getting your whole BODY, MIND & SOUL to de-clutter and de-stress!!!! INSTRUCTOR TRAINING coming soon!!!  Stay tuned for details


Join Sparq Productions on Saturday, May 28th for a fun, family-friendly fundraiser for our neighbours to the north in Fort McMurray.  We are still looking for volunteers to assist with donations and for help on the day of. Please email if you can help. See you there!


Fashion Tania and Vishal are also known for their expertise in scripting, choreographing, and directing fashion shows, commercial TV and print advertisements. No matter the designer, boutique or event, Sparq will choreograph your models to display the garments with a sophisticated and flattering presentation. Set to modern and mood appropriate music, your fashion show will […]


BOLLY XMAS Want a new and absolutely entertaining way to host your Christmas party? Do it Bolly style! Year after year, Tania and Vishal have not let us down with their Bolly Xmas Party. Keep reading for an account of how to kick off the holidays on the right foot. Receiving a complimentary beverage as […]

Making ‘SPARQs’ fly at the Magnificent 4 Indian Idols Concert

Making ‘SPARQs’ fly at the Magnificent 4 Indian Idols Concert Back in November 2021, the SPARQ team had the amazing opportunity to open for the Indian Idols show when they came to Calgary to celebrate music with the Magnificent 4 – Winner, Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Sayli Kamble and Mohammed Danish. This was the very […]

Bring a SPARQ to Your Wedding Celebrations!

At SPARQ Productions, we are proud to offer world-class, professional entertainment. Our performers are passionate about the art of dance and bring their bright energy and charisma to every performance. With SPARQ Productions, you can expect nothing less than artistic excellence. SPARQ Productions is experienced in providing an array of entertainment services in Calgary and […]

THiNKer Vanisha Breault Talks About Drug Abuse

Inspirational TH!NKER: Vanisha Breault on Drug Abuse Our SPARQ community was happy to hear from Vanisha Breault on the effects of drug abuseon family and friends, as well as how to handle and help those that are struggling. In her talk,Vanisha speaks about how her young daughter became badly addicted to very dangerous drugsas a […]

Let’s TH!NK About Racism: Adora Nwofor and Kathy Le

Let’s TH!NK About Racism: Adora Nwofor and Kathy Le As much as we would like to believe that racism and racist beliefs are a thing of the past, thetruth is that discriminatory acts, policies, and discussions surrounding race are still veryprevalent today. At SPARQ, we want to combat these discussions with nuanced ideas about howto […]

Keeping the ‘SPARQ’ Alive During COVID-19

Keeping the “SPARQ” Alive During Covid-19 With the global pandemic dramatically affecting all of our lives, people have had to learn howto navigate this new world and come together in times of crisis. At SPARQ Productions, wehave been busy keeping people moving and the Bollywood spirit alive!! Here’s what Tania andVishal have been up to […]