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A dancer’s perspective

A Dancer’s Perspective

September means new recruits on the dance team, excitement, new song, new choreography, new challenges. Get the body back into shape after summer. Stretch the limbs, sweat, laugh a lot, but buckle down. 

December means strong bonds and new friendships have formed. A sister and brotherhood exists strongly between dancers. Trust has been built – had to be built for the safety and integrity of the art being created. Injuries are sneaking up on us, frustration with our personal physical limitations. But it only intensifies our focus and drive. 

March means a new level of excitement is forming. Countdown to the show has begun. Costumes ordered, set designed, performers confirmed. We all have a deep, intuitive relationship with our own bodies. We are strong, refined, one with the music, grounded with the dance floor. Pushing ourselves towards perfection. Time to get serious about our craft. 

June means go time. The ONE show is days away. Our family and friends have their tickets. Dress rehearsal, alterations, getting used to props. Stress and determination are on a level playing field. Hours of rehearsals for tiny refinements. Turn your wrist half an inch to the right. 

Show day! Nerves, anxiety, confidence, thrills. Everything a dancer thrives on. Sequins, hair and makeup. Rehearse rehearse rehearse. A toast, a chant, time to line up. Wait for your cue. The stage is black. Quietly rush to position. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your whole body. Feel the cool stage beneath your feet. Breathe. Music…lights…and go…

In 4 days, experience the magic, blood, sweat and tears that has gone into creating a versatile, exhilarating and beautiful evening of performances. ONE-A Dance Spectacle.

Laura Kwas 

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